first-time marathoner

‘Marathon Man’ Completes 100th Race

The Annapolis, Md. resident hasn't always been a serious runner.

Marine Corps Marathon A Magnet For First Timers

Over 30% of runners will be debuting.

From First-Timer To Marathon Finisher

One writer is cataloging her training leading up to her first marathon.

First-Time Marathoners Bolstered By The Crowd

One 40-year-old couldn't have finished it without her friends.

First-Time Marathoner Wins In Oakland

She just turned 26 and is very happy with her debut.

ESPN Reporter Completes Resolution Race

He used a "minimalist" plan to complete his first marathon.

“America’s Worst Cook” Runs Her First Marathon

She lost 100 pounds doing it.

What To Do When Signing Up For Your First Race

Beginning runners are often challenged finding the right race for the right time.

Middle School Teacher Wins Marathon Contest

The Reno-area school teacher made a deal with her students.

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