first-time marathoners

Half-Marathoner Misses Turn, Wins Marathon

The Canadian woman was training for her first marathon until her performance on Sunday.

Taking The Right Steps For Marathon Training

Start by choosing a realistic goal.

Ten Marathon Myths Debunked

Near the top of the list: you don't have to be young to start training for them.

“Marathon Mania” Alive And Well

The recession doesn't seem to stop people from running marathons.

Life-Changing Mile Motivates Marathon Mom

She now "freaking loves" to run.

These Simple Steps Are Required To Run A Marathon

One professor suggests running a couple half marathons before the big race.

Marathon Behind Japan’s Complete Running Craze

Running the Tokyo Marathon is now harder than ever.

417-Pound Man Looking To Set Finisher Record

He's a sumo champion and trains every day.

General Manager Of The Florida Marlins Is A Marathoner

He has completed three marathons in his running career.

Birmingham Alabama To Host Inaugural Marathon

The new event will comprise a marathon and a half marathon.

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