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Runners Brave The Cold At The Ocala Marathon

Many finishers were first-time marathoners and half marathoners.

Las Vegas Teenager Runs Her First Marathon

She has been pushing herself since she was six years old.

Astros General Manager Training For Houston Marathon

He hasn't run a marathon since 2007.

Man Loses 100 Pounds Thanks To Running

All it took was a photo to get him started.

Fifty-One-Year-Old Amateur Completes 150-Mile Race

He did it to raise money for an addiction treatment center.

Hopeful Dwells On His Rocket City Marathon Prospects

With a 2:34 marathon PR, the Alabama resident hopes to walk away with a win on Saturday.

Fewer Japanese Runners At Honolulu Marathon

Regardless of the decline in Japanese runners, they still will spend $100 million on tourism.

Israeli Runner With Dreams Of His Brother

The loss of his brother turned one man into a marathoning machine.

“Biggest Loser” Brings The Marathon To The Masses

The weight-loss show apparently cut out a lot of the tediousness required to run 26.2 miles.

How Running Helps A Couple

One Chicago couple has found that running allows them to spend more quality time together.

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