No Room For Runners Or Walkers On Florida Roads

Sidewalks and roomy shoulders are considered luxuries in the Sunshine State.

Couple That Runs Together, Stays Together

Running is an important part of their relationship.

Florida Marathon Credits “Angel” For Good Weather

One inspirational woman made a special promise before she died.

Best of Competitor 2010–Florida

We took your feedback and identified your go-to shops and your never-miss events. See the best of the best in your neck of the woods!

Easy Victory For Ethiopian At The Miami Marathon

His margin of victory was five minutes ahead of the second-place finisher.

Jogger Who Shot Teenager Not To Be Charged

He carried a gun with him during his run and ended up using it.

Woman Wins Disney Marathon On Her 32nd Birthday

She hopes to make the American Olympic team.

Runners Gird Themselves For 24-Hour Race

Some like to party on New Year's Eve; others prefer to run nonstop.

Florida Jogger Kills Dog With Bare Hands

The dog was threatening the man's seven-year-old son.

Trafeh, McGreggor Win US 15K Championships

Both winners dominated their fields. The 2010 Gate River Run in Jacksonville, Florida played host to the US 15K Championships for the 17th

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