Foam Roller

Foam Roller 101: Hip Adductors

Getting the foam roller to your hip adductors, or inner thigh, can be a little tricky.

Foam Roller 101: The Upper Back

Another good way to use the foam roller to loosen muscles.

Foam Roller 101: The Hamstrings

A look at how to get your hamstrings race-ready through the foam roller.

Video: Using the Foam Roller on Your Quadriceps

Increase blood flow and work out the knots in your quadriceps.

Competitor on Demand: IT Band Rolling

Loosen up your IT Band so it doesn't bother you when you're running.

3 Things Every Runner Should Do

Got five minutes a day? Try these methods to gain strength and improve your running form.

Gear Of The Week: Ensō Roller

Use this nifty gadget to aid recovery, increase flexibility or boost circulation.

Monday Minute: Self Myofascial Release

In this video learn how to loosen up your inner thigh area without having to see a massage therapist.

Stay Ahead Of Injuries With Self-Treatment

Learn how simple self-maintenance on your own can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.

8 Things Every Runner Wants (Or Has) But Doesn’t Need

Remember when you went for your first run and all you had was a pair of running shoes. That wasn’t so bad, now was it?

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