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Friday Faceplant: Hurdling Under the Influence

This is what hurdling practice must look like on a Friday evening when you're eight beers in.

Monday Motivation: Racing the London Tube

Man vs. subway—who's faster? This running challenged sorted it out.

10 Healthy Habits of (Insanely) Passionate Runners

What are the common bonds that runners share? Here's a good starting point.

Monday Motivation: Running the Right Way

Double-check your running form with this humorous yet informational ‘how-to’ video.  Running incorrectly only makes the

The Top 5 Running Blooper Videos

Presenting five videos that prove, of all the lessons running teaches (perseverance, pain tolerance), perhaps humility is the most

Hilarious Passive Aggressive 800m Race

A slow day of news means one thing, I search the web endlessly for amazing running videos. This video is probably one of the best running

Sabotaging The Water Station

I saw this video somewhere and had to post it up as it really is pretty funny. In my 15 years of running I’ve seen some odd things

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