FitBit Launches Newest Smartwatches & App Features

Fitbit is demonstrating its commitment to making healthy choices more convenient and accessible to everyone with the release of two new

Compression For Runners: Is It Worth It?

Compression gear have run amok amongst the running community. But the question is, are they worth it? A few studies clear up the myths.

5 Inventions Runners Desperately Need

In a perfect world, all of these amazing inventions would exist.

Unique Recovery Gear That Works

We rounded up seven of the craziest gear and gadgets to help keep you injury-free.

Cool Gear for the New Year

A sneak peek at innovative new products hitting stores in 2016.

Bright Running Gear for Visible Nights

15 night running gear that'll ensure you can see and be seen during the dark winter months.

9 Dry Jackets for Wet Runs

These eight styles will keep you running in any weather, from gentle showers to dumping buckets.

Closer Look: On-the-Go Hydration Gear

Check out the latest hydration gear to stay cool and hydrated during summer runs.

Trail Running Fashion: A Humorous Guide On What to Wear While Running Trails

How you define fashion on the trails is totally up to you.

Running Clothes Featuring Merino Wool

Stay cool (or warm) with the benefit of merino.

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