Glycogen Depletion

Everything You Need To Know About Energy Gels

How they work, as well as why, when and how to use them.

Is Carbo-Loading The Answer To Avoiding The Wall?

Gorging on carbs before a race may not be as necessary as you think.

Study: Rinse, Spit Out Your Sports Drink

Studies show you need not swallow your sports drink to benefit from it.

How Often Should You Fuel During Long Runs?

Learn how to improve the critical fuel efficiency element of the marathon while maintaining consistency in your training.

Are Carbohydrates Really Needed During Exercise?

One study questions whether or not we should fuel our muscles during a run or let them use stored energy reserves.

Take Your Marathon Long Runs To The Next Level

Hit a plateau? Here are two workouts to help you smash your existing personal best.

How Fast Should Your Easy Long Runs Be?

Let's look at the physiological benefits of the long run and see how pace affects the intended benefit.

A Short Cut To The Long Run

You can run a good marathon without logging 20-mile training runs.

The Wall Is Predictable — For Some Runners

A mathematical model is designed to help runners pace their marathons appropriately.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Marathon?

There hasn't been much research done to answer this question.

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