Goal Setting : Page 3

Taking The Right Steps For Marathon Training

Start by choosing a realistic goal.

The Power Of Progressive Goal Setting

Think you have nothing to learn from a formerly 320-pound individual?

Video: How Important Are Pace Guidelines?

Team-USA Arizona coach Greg McMillan explains how having pace guidelines can help you accomplish your race-day goals.

Ask The Experts: What Can I Do About Pre-Race Nerves?

Matt Fitzgerald gives advice on combatting pre-race anxiety.

Joan Benoit Samuelson Inspires Students

"Set your own goals," she says.

Bernard Lagat Announces Big Plans For The Summer

He wants to run a sub-12:50 5000m in Monaco.

Helen Clitheroe: An Aging Runner’s Inspiration

At the age of 37, she finally won gold.

Ask The Experts: How Do I Set A Goal For My First Marathon?

Hi Guys, I just started running a couple of months ago, and am currently training for my first marathon in November. My question is, how

Ryan Hall Marathon Goal Setting Tips

Josh Muxen, race announcer for the 2009 Dean Karnazes Silicon Valley Marathon, sits down with American marathoner Ryan Hall. Ryan offers

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