9 Tips and Tricks for Your GPS and Heart Rate Monitor

A few tips and tricks you may not have known.

Running’s Wearable Tech Boom

Analyzing your body in real time is the next frontier in running technology. And the first generation is already here.

Garmin Announces New Wearables for 2015

These watches attempt to combine performance capabilities with wear-all-the-time fashion.

New App Turns Workout Into Zombie Apocalypse

Here's your chance to run for your life.

How Exactly Do Race-Tracking Chips Work?

Surprisingly, the system isn't entirely wireless.

Tokyo Runner Makes 13-Mile Apple Logo

He did it to thank retiring CEO, Steve Jobs.

Visually Impaired Man Embarking On 100-Mile Quest

He uses an app on his mobile phone to guide him.

A Review Of The First Barefoot Running App

Merrell created the app to go with their new line of minimalist shoes.

Man Running Marathon In “Wacky iPhone Harness”

It weighs six pounds and can do almost anything.

The iRun: An Unorthodox Approach To Marathoning

Joseph Tame takes information overload to the max.

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