Greg McMillan

Tips For Cross-Country Training And Racing

Cross-country racing brings a different set of challenges, but it's a rewarding style of running.

Do You Need A Running Coach?

There’s a reason Olympic runners have coaches—the same reason you may need one.

Kick Your Workouts Up A Notch!

Try these fun and effective variations on some tried-and-true workouts.

Product Review: McRun Running Calculator iPhone App

We take a closer look at the mobile version of the McMillan Running calculator.

No Coming Down For Andrew Lemoncello

The Scottish runner returns to racing at the Rock 'n' Roll Denver Half Marathon.

Six Team USA Arizona Athletes Qualify For Trials

Brett Gotcher and Nick Arciniaga lead the way on the men's side.

Video: The Benefits Of Training By Effort

Coach Greg McMillan tells why he things training by effort is the best type of training any runner can do.

Video: How Important Are Pace Guidelines?

Team-USA Arizona coach Greg McMillan explains how having pace guidelines can help you accomplish your race-day goals.

Arciniaga Leads U.S. Marathon Team At Worlds

The Team USA Arizona athlete is ready for top performance.

From First-Timer To Marathon Finisher

One writer is cataloging her training leading up to her first marathon.

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