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A New Kind of Group Run: Treadmill Studios are Growing Fast

Running studios are taking the success of indoor cycling to a new sport.

Out There: Social Anxiety

Columnist Susan Lacke is nervous about signing up for a group run.

How to Make Sure Group Runs are Beneficial

Group runs are a wonderful way to get your training, but there are pitfalls to avoid. Here are a couple:

The Everyman: Running, a Team Sport

Running is rooted in finishing a race in as little time as possible. The journey to that point is what makes it fun.

The Advantages Of Training With A Group

It helps to have other runners there to push you.

Celebrate National Running Day Even if You Aren’t Running

Written by: Linzay Logan Tomorrow is National Running Day and even if you aren’t planning on hitting the pavement there are plenty of

50 Best Running Retailers in America—The Big 4

What makes these running stores the best in America?

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