Guinness Book Of World Records

7 Bizarre World Records in Running

From running in a giraffe costume to running while hula hooping, there is a host of unconventional world records in the sport.

World’s Oldest Marathoner Does It Again

This time he ran eight kilometers for charity.

Ultra Record Holder Celebrates With Finish-Line Beer

His final ultra marathon was in York, England.

Oldest Woman To Finish A Marathon Honored

She hadn't run her first marathon until she was 86.

400-Pound Sumo Wrestler Completes Marathon

It was anything but easy for the former sumo champion.

417-Pound Man Looking To Set Finisher Record

He's a sumo champion and trains every day.

Ultra Runner Sets Out On 300-Mile Journey

One German man is setting out to raise money for a disabled boy.

Man Nearly Finished With 105 Marathons In 105 Days

The British school teacher is doing it to raise money for cancer research.

She’s 92 And Still Running Strong

The nonagenarian marathoner was logging up to 50 miles a week of training.

Marathoner Lands In Guinness Book Of World Records

The California resident broke an eight-year-old record.

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