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36 June Races to Sign Up For

Fun, sweat-worthy races to kick off the summer.

54 May/June Races to Sign Up For

Spring is here, and with it comes the deluge of spring races. Whether you’re tackling a marathon or simply easing into a good 5K to test

30 March/April Races to Sign Up For

Racing this time of the year is largely a function of where you live. For some, the cold and slippery weather limits outdoor time. But for

America’s 25 Greatest Half Marathons

The 25 best half marathons across the nation to check out this year.

18 July/August Races to Sign Up For

Must-do summer races worth sweating for.

A Birthday Revelation: Running Gets Better With Age

One blogger woke up on her birthday with a smile on her face.

Popularity Of Half Marathons On The Rise

The big get bigger with 13.1-mile events leading the road race boom.

Ask The Experts: How Many Half Marathons Are Too Many?

Hello Mario, I have been running now for two and a half years. In those two and a half years I have run fifteen 5K’s, six 5-mile

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