Heart attack

Runner’s ‘Death’ Is Her Own Inspiration

Her heart stopped twice after a half-marathon.

The Marathoner Who’s Heart Almost Didn’t Make It

He nearly died in a race last year.

Utah Man Revived At Finish Line After Heart Attack

Carl Gallegos, 57, finished a half-marathon in 1:56 before collapsing when his heart stopped.

Is The Final Marathon Sprint Potentially Deadly?

One doctor suggests taking baby aspirin to prevent a race-day heart attack.

Two Runners Die At Philadelphia Marathon

Ten other runners were rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Incredible Story Of Marathoner Brought Back To Life

He was lucky to be at a race when he suffered his heart attack.

La Salle Track Coach Charles Torpey Dies At 58

He had been supervising a workout when he suffered an apparent heart attack.

Daughter Helps Save Father At Colorado Half Marathon

She happened to be an EMT.

Fellow Runner Saves Man During Lincoln Half Marathon

The victim was running in front of a cardiologist.

A Runner’s Heart Saves Boston-Bound Man

Doctors say he beat the odds.

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