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Three Reasons To Rethink Heart-Rate Training

Could it be possible your heart-rate monitor is holding you back from reaching your potential?

3 Common Heart Rate Training Mistakes

Avoid these and you will be well on your way toward getting the most out of your device.

Mio To Launch Strapless Heart-Rate Monitor

Mio is raising money toward launching the strapless heart rate monitor, Alpha, through

Information Overload: Are Runners Too Tech-Dependent?

For better or worse, nearly every piece of data imaginable can be tracked, recorded and analyzed.

Revolutionize Your Run With MOTOACTV

Check out the latest do-it-all product for gadget-hungry runners from Motorola!

Running Watch Review: Where Form Meets Function

From water-resistant features to GPS capabilities, these six sports watches can be both your coach and training partner.

Video: The Pros & Cons Of Heart-Rate Training

Coach Greg McMillan weighs in.

Poll: Which Gadgets Do You Run With?

Are you a gadget geek or do you prefer to keep it simple?

Poll: Do You Train With A Heart Rate Monitor?

Many runners wear heart rate monitors in training as a way to structure workouts, gauge effort and monitor recovery. Do you?

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