Heel Striking

Want Good Running Form? Don’t Be Lazy

Is a good stride a matter of many disparate elements coming together or one underlying virtue?

Is It Harmful To Heel Strike When Running?

Research says it might not be as dangerous as we've been made to think.

Like A Pogo Stick, Add Some Spring To Your Running

Put a little spring in your step — literally — with these running form tips.

Is There Such A Thing As Perfect Form?

Apparently, it depends on who you ask.

The Five Most Common Running Form Mistakes

Are you making one of the following mechanical mistakes?

A New Kind Of Stability Shoe: Mizuno Wave Prophecy

Heel strikers rejoice!

Shoe Cushioning: All Or Nothing?

Does a softer running shoe mean less chance of injury?

Burning Runner: I Admit It, I’m A Chronic Heel Striker!

T.J thought he was a mid-foot striker...well, he thought wrong!

Barefoot Running For The Rest Of Us

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald All across the United States, and even beyond our borders, runners

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