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Out There: The Endurance Athlete’s Guide To Normal Life

Susan Lacke bridges the communication gap between endurance athletes and everybody else.

Out There: Just Call Me Captain Crash

There are two types of people who ride bikes: Those who have crashed, and those who will crash.

Out There: So What Exactly Is A “Real” Runner?

If you’ve ever had one of these experiences, count yourself in the running club.

Out There: Le Tour de Farce

Professional cycling needs to get its act together, and that's no joke.

Out There: This One’s For The Birds

Chrissie the Majestic Eagle and Susan the Pooping Pigeon end their races in the same way: with a smile and a genuine excitement for the

Out There: You Know You’re An Endurance Athlete When…

Do you fit any of these descriptions?

Out There: Triathlon Trouble

One man's pleasure is another woman's pain.

Out There: Astrology For The Endurance Athlete

What's your sign mean for next month's workouts?

Out There: The Endurance Athlete’s Scrapbook

Competitor Magazine columnist Susan Lacke takes us through her scrapbook of sporting memories.

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