Why Runners Should Train In The Heat

Getting a little hot could benefit your training. Here's why you shouldn't shy away from summer running.

6 Strategies For Safe Summer Running

Keep your cool and beat the heat this summer with these suggestions.

What Dehydration Does to Your Running Performance

It's not just an issue in the summer.

The Science (and Strategy) Behind Sweating

This article first appeared on Women’s Running. Sweating is a natural process critical for helping our hard-working bodies deal with

Closer Look: On-the-Go Hydration Gear

Check out the latest hydration gear to stay cool and hydrated during summer runs.

2015 Running Gear Guide: Hydration

From bottles to vests, we test out several hydration options.

Report: Gels Can Help Marathoners Race Faster

One study concludes that taking gels at regular intervals during a marathon can help lower finishing times.

The Feed: Custom Nutrition in a Box

The Boulder, Colo., company specializes in providing custom nutrition boxes for endurance athletes.

How to Properly Clean a Hydration Bladder

Keeping your hydration pack clean will make your long runs a little more enjoyable.

Ask Mario: How Much Should I Drink When It’s Hot Out?

Staying on top of your hydration in the heat and humidity can be tricky, so keep these key points in mind.

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