ice baths

Are Ice Baths A Waste Of Time?

New research shows ice baths aren’t all they’re made out to be.

A Runner’s Guide To Ice Baths

The usefulness of ice baths is debated, but there's a compromise.

Before You Soak In That Ice Bath…

Anything a runner can do to speed repair is always a good thing, right?

Training: Go Beyond The Bare Minimum

Doing the mileage is one thing, but adding the little things to your training will help you reach your goals.

In Running, The Little Things Matter

We all have time to stretch, buy a new pair of running shoes, or have that nagging injury looked at.

Video: Recovery Techniques From Meb Keflezighi

Meb discusses key recovery techniques for bouncing back from tough training.

Video: The Post-Workout Ice Bath

The post-workout ice bath helps reduce inflammation and flushes waste from the muscles.

Video: The Benefits Of Cold And Heat For Recovery

Cold & heat therapy can be beneficial to recovery, but the proper application of each depends on the athlete.

My First Race: Recovery Matters

Now only a few weeks away from her first race, Melissa Freeman explains the importance of recovery in her training program.

Are Ice Baths Really Good For You?

Painful, post-run ice baths could do more harm than good according to scientists at the English Institute of Sport.

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