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3 Rules Every Runner Should Live By

"Just go run" didn't make the list.

Study: Run More To Stop Injuries

Running less can lead to more injuries related to running.

The Running Doc’s Warm-Weather Racing Tips

It's going to be getting hot outside soon. Use these suggestions to stay cool this summer.

Ask The Running Doc: How Do I Get Rid Of IT Band Syndrome?

Follow this advice and you'll be pain-free in 4 weeks or less!

The Running Doc’s Recommendations For Runners With Diabetes

Remember that your training sessions are the time to practice what you will do on race day.

The Running Doc’s 10 Commandments Of Marathon Running

There’s nothing common about common sense.

The Running Doc’s Race-Week Recommendations

Follow these guidelines to make your next race a smashing success!

The Running Doc’s Training Recommendations

Dr. Lewis Maharam explains what to do during training to help achieve success at your event.

Learning From The Master

Top Masters runner Hal Goforth explains how to avoid just about any injury.

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