IT Band

3 Foam Rolling Exercises for the Injury-Prone Runner

Use this sequence to keep your IT band, hamstrings and quads happy.

A DIY Guide to Managing IT Band Syndrome

What causes it, and what can you do?

Injury Prevention 101: IT Band

Here is stretching you can do that will do the most long-term good in preventing IT Band pain.

10 Exercises to Treat IT Band Syndrome

Improve your hip and glute strength to rid yourself of this annoying injury.

Competitor on Demand: IT Band Rolling

Loosen up your IT Band so it doesn't bother you when you're running.

Competitor on Demand: The IT Band Wall Stretch

This is a great and simple post-run stretch that will address any tightness you may feel in your IT Band.

Competitor on Demand: The Hip Drop Exercise

Strengthen your hips and prevent IT Band injuries with this simple exercise.

Competitor On Demand: Piriformis Stretch

This simple stretch will keep your legs feeling strong and help you avoid one of running's most dreaded injuries.

How To Conquer “Runner’s Knee”

A simple set of strengthening exercises and stretches might help.

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