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How Joanie’s ’84 Olympic Marathon Victory Energized Women’s Running

Thirty years ago this summer, Joan Benoit Samuelson energized the women's running movement by winning the 1984 Olympic marathon.

6 Tips For Becoming A Mind-Body Runner

The most successful runners listen to their bodies. Do you?

Benoit Samuelson To Headline Vermont marathon

The Olympic gold medalist will be the guest of honor in Burlington Vermont next May.

NYRR Hall Of Fame For Rodgers, Samuelson, Shorter

The late Ted Corbitt will be honored as well.

U.S. Olympians Highlight Beach To Beacon Field

It's the deepest American field in the 16-year history of the race.

Joan Benoit Samuelson: Boston ‘Has Been Violated’

Maine native ran Monday's Boston Marathon in 2:50:29.

Past Boston Champions Returning To Run Again

There is no running race with as much tradition as the Boston Marathon, nor any event that celebrates its history as much. That’s

Joanie Celebrates Her 1983 Boston Victory

Joan Benoit Samuelson is running the Boston Marathon on the 30th anniversary of her 1983 win.

Inside The Women’s Running Explosion

An all-male sport at the inception of the first running boom, recreational running is now dominated by women.

BAA Commemorates Special Anniversary

Boston's oldest running club turns 125.

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