Speed Workouts: Standing Rest Vs. Jogging Rest

We examine the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Running 101: How To Start A Running Program

Starting a running program is trickier than other forms of exercise. Learn how to do it safely.

Running 101: How Fast Should You Run?

If you really want to improve, you need to break out of the jogging rut.

Thursday Top Five Jogging Personalities in Movies

Whether it’s some new fad pronounced with a silent “j,” a hobby that will make you “look great naked,” or a

Can ‘Jogging’ Kill You?

A leading medical expert thought so back in 1969.

Running Banned At Oregon Wildlife Refuges

Apparently the rule has been in effect for years.

Study Finds Benefits Of Sprinting

Apparently, it can help you lose more weight than just jogging.

Study: Regular Running Can Increase Your Life

It apparently doesn't take much to reap the benefits.

Is “Jogging” A Fighting Word?

Some would say, "yes".

After Accident, Reese Witherspoon Back On The Roads

One high-profile celebrity isn't letting a near-fatal running accident sideline her.

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