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The Tale Of San Francisco’s Mysterious “Bikini Jogger”

The scantily-clad runner is the source of much speculation.

Got A Beer Gut? Jump On A Treadmill

It helps you shed the worst kind of fat.

Reese Witherspoon Struck By Car While Running

Elderly driver failed to yield.

Dedicated Runner Continues 40-Year-Old Streak

He's run at least a mile every day for four decades.

Runner Survives Cougar Confrontation

It came out of the bushes and began hissing at her.

Police Arrest Jogger After He Warns Of Speed Trap

He was jailed and had to pay a $66 fine.

Ex-Cop Suing For Wrongful Arrest While Jogging

He maintains he did nothing wrong on his run.

Florida Jogger Kills Dog With Bare Hands

The dog was threatening the man's seven-year-old son.

Judge Suggests Juvenile Offenders Go Jogging

Despite his noble intentions, the Florida Supreme Court says no to the running judge. One Florida judge has gotten pretty creative. Instead

Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Shot While Jogging

The young teen was just going out for a morning run. Police are looking for the suspect who shot and killed 13-year-old Jonathan Garcia in

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