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Penguin Chronicles: I Am Not A Jogger

John Bingham may waddle when he runs, but he's running all the same.

The Penguin Chronicles: The Perfect Race

John Bingham shares one of his proudest moments as an athlete. What's yours?

Penguin Chronicles: Season To Taste

For runners, there is no off-season.

Penguin Chronicles: When I’m 64

The best part of being a runner at 64: there are still things left to do.

The Penguin Chronicles: Back In The Saddle Again

What mattered most wasn’t how I was doing the training it was that I was doing the training.

The Penguin Chronicles: The Trails Less Traveled

I’m a city kid. I believe in the grandeur of the manmade concrete and steel canyons. Yes, mountains are beautiful, but the gleam of the

The Penguin Chronicles: The Oreo Conundrum

Sometimes an Oreo is just an Oreo and it shouldn’t be so complicated.

The Penguin Chronicles: Call Me Gear Geek

It’s true for all my favorite gear. They are my old friends.

The Penguin Chronicles: Paying The Price For Fitness

Sometimes it's just not that easy.

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