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The Penguin Chronicles: The Oreo Conundrum

Sometimes an Oreo is just an Oreo and it shouldn’t be so complicated.

The Penguin Chronicles: Call Me Gear Geek

It’s true for all my favorite gear. They are my old friends.

The Penguin Chronicles: Paying The Price For Fitness

Sometimes it's just not that easy.

Race Announcers: The Audible Energy Behind Endurance Sports Events

The voice of the race announcer is central to an endurance athlete's race-day experience.

The Penguin Chronicles: Learning From The Champions

The only real measure of success is the feeling you get from knowing you did your best.

The Penguin Chronicles: Commitment Leads To Fulfillment

"I’ve always been filled with hope even when training doesn’t always go my way."

The Penguin Chronicles: Learning The Hard Way

The body is such a fantastic piece of equipment that it will actually allow a person to be a complete idiot for a while.

The Penguin Chronicles: Rediscovering My Ambition

"I’ve learned that the joy I felt so many years ago still burns in my spirit."

Booze Cruises: Out … Running Cruises: In

Relax and run while you're vacationing on the high seas.

What Happens in Vegas

These days, what happens in Vegas ends up on the internet, on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. I’m looking forward to being a part of

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