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Storming the Beach

This is the big transition weekend. The summer officially ends this weekend which can only mean one thing. The event season is here. My

Treading New Ground

Destination Races Give You A Reason To Travel–And Months Of Motivation. One of my best motorcycling buddies, Larry, and I set out for

Penguin Training Tips: Part Four

Famed running aficionado John “The Penguin” Bingham has twenty tips for happy training. In the final installment, The Penguin outlines

Penguin Training Tips: Part Three

Famed running aficionado John “The Penguin” Bingham has twenty tips for happy training.  In part-three, The Penguin outlines five

Running Blind

The Importance Of Choosing A Path That’s Right For You. By John Bingham There’s a quote by William Purkey, a well-known

Tools and Rules

Simple, Essential Lessons On Running Maintenance From A Place You Might Not Expect: The Garage. By John Bingham   When I was in my 20s, I

13.1 And Done

For Many, A Half Is Greater Than The Sum Of It’s Parts. By John Bingham   There are some truly great marathon finish lines: Boston,

Body Work

To Run For Life, Maintain Your Most Important Piece Of Equipment: Yourself  By John Bingham   When I was young, my mom has this odd habit

Back To The Future

What you Carry With You On Your Runs Can Be As Important As What You Leave Behind. By John Bingham   Any trip down memory lane is likely

Unleashed Emotions

Running With Man’s Best Friend Is Joyful For Some-And Scary For Others  By John Bingham   I live and run in an area where there are

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