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Sitonik Smashes 3000m Youth Championship Record

He opened the race with a 59-second 400m.

Rudisha Toeing The Line In Lausanne Tonight

He is back in action after being sidelined due to an ankle injury.

Sammy Wanjiru Finally Laid To Rest

The service ended up being delayed for two hours.

A Rite Of Passage Run For Young Kenyan Hopefuls

The course is 21 kilometers of pure hill.

Wanjiru’s Mother Fails To Appear In Court For Assault

She allegedly tried to kill the driver of the late marathoner's wife.

U.S. Women Defeat Kenya At Bolder BOULDER 10K

Amy Hastings led the way for the Americans.

Residents Protest Wanjiru’s Funeral Delay

They are incensed at the disrespect shown to their hero.

When Will Sammy Be Allowed To Rest In Peace?

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series elite athlete coordinator Matthew Turnbull reports from Sammy Wanjiru's home in Nyharuru, Kenya.

Shady Businesses Help Delay Wanjiru’s Funeral

A car deal gone bad and a missing Range Rover have Wanjiru's friends scratching their heads.

Athletics Kenya Pledges To Support Wanjiru Family

They say they will do whatever it takes to assist the late runner's children.

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