Kitchen MacGyver : Page 3

Kitchen MacGyver: Quinoa Cakes

Try this snack after your next tough workout!

Kitchen MacGyver: Hangover Cleanse

Here are some tips to help soothe a protesting stomach (and mind)!

Kitchen MacGyver: My Healthy Breakfast Standby

My old faithful breakfast is simple, quick, nutritious, satisfying and incredibly adaptable.

Kitchen MacGyver: Tropical Smoothie

This tropical smoothie--a sweet, but protein- and vitamin-packed pick-me-up after a semi-long run--is perfect for mornings when the sun

Kitchen MacGyver: Anti-Aging, Heart-Healthy Pasta

Marathoners, triathletes, swimmers and any other type of athlete can still clog their arteries and suffer from heart attacks (although

Kitchen MacGyver: Post Long Run Salad

The right combination of ingredients can make a salad an ideal way to refuel after a few hours on your feet.

Kitchen MacGyver: How Much Do You Need to Eat?

Self-preservation rather than instant gratification is necessary to maintain good health.

Kitchen MacGyver: Crispy Winter Salad

This recipe delivers a large part of the vitamin alphabet vital to endurance athletes. My husband says that kale tastes like hate and

Kitchen MacGyver: Mashed Cauliflower

Competitor Magazine senior editor Sabrina Grotewold shares her recipe for mashed cauliflower.

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