Lactic Acid

Safe Strategies For Developing Basic Speed

Investing just a few minutes a week in dedicated turnover work really can produce results.

Run Faster By Improving Your Lactate Clearance Rate

Lactic acid itself isn’t responsible for the muscle fatigue that causes you to do the skeleton dance at the end of a race.

Six Lies You Were Taught About Lactic Acid

Everything you've learned up to this point is wrong.

Go By Feel, Skip The Lactate Threshold Test

Study reveals that athletes can find their lactate threshold heart rate by feel.

Running 101: Combating Sore Muscles After A Run

Use these tips to make it a little easier to roll out of bed in the morning.

Sports Science Update: How Lactic Acid Prevents Fatigue

Two new studies demonstrate that much-maligned lactate is benign at worst and beneficial at best.

The Lactic Acid Myths

Everything you’ve been taught about lactic acid is wrong. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald There are many myths about lactic acid. 

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