Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong Wins 35K Trail Running Race In California

Reactions are mixed regarding the former cyclist's participation in the event.

Lance Armstrong Tries Beer Mile, Runs 400 Meters Instead

The former professional cyclist gives up after his first lap of four around the track.

Livestrong, Austin Marathon Cut Ties

The two parties signed a 10-year deal 18 months ago.

Outkicked: What Are The Rules?

By definition, sports are rule-based and arbitrary, so if you don't follow them, the whole thing kind of collapses and becomes meaningless.

Magness: My Interactions With Lance Armstrong

A former coach at the Nike Oregon Project shares his first-hand experiences working with one of the most polarizing figures in sports.

Would Lance Armstrong’s Suspension Happen In Running?

Susan Lacke takes a look at the rules and regulations regarding suspension during a doping inquiry in running.

Karma Comes Back to Bite Floyd Landis in the Butt

Floyd Landis has trashed talked cycling long enough. Now the UCI is biting back.

Lance Armstrong Eyeing 2011 Chicago Marathon

Does this mean he is a no-go for Ironman in Hawaii?

The Great Innovator: Exclusive Interview With Alberto Salazar

We caught up with Salazar earlier this week on the Competitors Radio show. Click here and listen to the full interview!

Lance Runs 1:22 At Livestrong Half Marathon

Seven-time Tour de France winner doesn't show up in official results.

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