Monday Motivation: Racing the London Tube

Man vs. subway—who's faster? This running challenged sorted it out.

London Victory In Farah’s Sights Next Year

He would also like to set a British record.

London Olympics Presses On Despite Challenges

The head of the organizing committee wants a different experience than four years ago.

London Awarded 2017 World Championships

Over 100 world-class athletes had backed the bid.

Is Qatar Buying The 2017 World Championships?

The oil-rich nation has offered a lot of money in one "inducement".

The Secrets Of The World’s Oldest Marathoner

At 100, he just beat five people at the Toronto Marathon.

Paula Radcliffe Critical Of Lifetime Bans

The marathon world-record holder thinks the punishment is too severe.

Bored With Your Routine? Join The “Night Runners”

One London club is giving restless youth something good to do in the evening.

Kayoko Fukushi To Relaunch Career In Chicago

The Japanese runner has a huge fan and media following.

Salazar Wants Mo Farah To Be A “Cold Clinician”

He thinks his athlete has a shot at two Olympic gold medals.

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