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Lornah Kiplagat Decides On Amsterdam Marathon

She needs to run 2:27:24 to qualify for the Dutch Olympic team.

Salazar Says Farah Has A Lot Of Room To Improve

Farah's winning even with less training than his teammate, Galen Rupp.

Canadian Olympic Marathon Project Scaled Back

The co-founders say there just isn't enough interest.

Paula Radcliffe Heading To The Berlin Marathon

She's is racing in the German capital to qualify for the 2012 Olympics.

USATF Shooting For 30 Olympic Medals In London

The man who originally set the goal has since been fired.

Olympic Ticket Favoritism Upsets British Fans

Nearly 55% of people who applied where left empty handed.

Paula Radcliffe Facing Biggest Career Decision Yet

She has a year to run under 2:31.

Brain-Damaged Former Daredevil Completes Marathon

It took him nearly two months to do it.

Radcliffe Describes Return To Running As A “Disaster”

She hadn't raced in 18 months.

Farah And Pavey Clinch British 10K Titles

Paula Radcliffe made her long-awaited comeback.

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