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Train To Recover — Don’t Recover To Train

Get more out of your training by doing it "backwards."

Woman Completes Chicago Marathon And Delivers Baby

The incident is generating some controversy regarding pregnancy and running.

Family Of Eight Running Across North America

They are doing it to raise money for children's fitness programs.

Are Women Better Marathoners Than Men?

Some scientists don't think so.

The 17-Day Diet: Is It Good For Runners?

We sat down with the book's author, Dr. Mike Moreno, to help us answer this question.

Ask The Experts: What’s The Best Way To Remove Cortisol From Our Systems?

Manipulating your training to avoid performance stagnation and keep it fun is the best way not just to moderate cortisol, but to avoid

Ask The Experts: Which Supplements Do Runners Need?

Matt Fitzgerald explains which are most beneficial.

Ask The Experts: How Do I Get Rid Of These Huge Biceps?

There’s a reason former football players don’t win marathons.

Energy Gels: The Good, The Bad And The Really Bad

Energy gels are essential for properly fueling during a marathon, but don't always taste great or settle well.

Out There: Grounds For Thought

Competitor Magazine columnist Susan Lacke reflects on lessons learned after 30 days without coffee.

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