Long Run

3 Ways to Make Up for a Missed Long Run

This article first appeared on Women’s Running.  It’s happened to all of us: the long run on our schedule just doesn’t happen.

Coach Culpepper: 4 Long-Run Tips From Mark Wetmore

What did the legendary Colorado coach teach his runners?

3 Key Workouts Runners Should Do Every Week

You may be able to race faster on three or four runs per week than you do on six or seven.

Should You Train By Time Or By Distance?

We break down the benefits of each method of training.

Army Major Undertaking Major Mission

He's running 100 miles in 100 hours for veterans.

Australian Man Finishes Pole-To-Pole Run

He did it in a year.

Short-And-Sweet Long Run Recovery Tips

One newspaper lays out six tips for maximizing recovery and minimizing the chances of injury.

Runner Completes 3100-Mile Trek Across The U.S.

He ran in honor of his father and brother.

Is Mileage The Secret To The Marathon?

One running journalist thinks so.

Going Long With Chris Solinsky

We caught up with the American 10,000m record holder after his long run this weekend in San Diego.

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