marathon feat

Woman Sets ‘Running Without Sleep’ Record

She covered 311 miles last month in New Zealand.

Raw Runners Complete Massive Oddssey Down Under

Australian couple runs a marathon a day for all of 2013.

Man Completes 26 Marathons In 26 Days

He did it to help the impoverished.

American Teen Sets 7-Continent Marathon Record

The 14-year-old did it for her late father.

Runner Breaks ‘Zombie Costume’ World Record

Some race finishers said they felt like he looked.

The Tale Of The Knitting Marathoner

David Babcock set an unofficial knitting-while-marathoning record last weekend.

‘Marathon Man’ On His Way To World Record

He wants to finish 160 races by December 31.

“Marathon Man” Heading For His Toughest Race

He will run around the Sahara Desert in the summertime.

Runner Completes 3100-Mile Trek Across The U.S.

He ran in honor of his father and brother.

Brain-Damaged Former Daredevil Completes Marathon

It took him nearly two months to do it.

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