marathon feats

World’s Oldest Marathoner Does It Again

This time he ran eight kilometers for charity.

Magazine Artist To Draw While Running Marathon

He will be posting to his editor real-time via Twitter.

Man Running Charity Marathon On A Cruise Ship

He is doing it to honor a slain soldier.

Man Runs Entire Blue Ridge Parkway In 17 Days

He did it at 67 years of age.

After Three Decades, Terry Fox’s Legacy Lives On

He ran 143 back-to-back marathons on one leg to raise money for cancer research.

Oldest Woman To Finish A Marathon Honored

She hadn't run her first marathon until she was 86.

Man Running Marathon In Bomb-Disposal Gear

He hopes to break the bomb-disposal-gear marathon world record.

400-Pound Sumo Wrestler Completes Marathon

It was anything but easy for the former sumo champion.

417-Pound Man Looking To Set Finisher Record

He's a sumo champion and trains every day.

“Marathon Man” Sets New World Record

It was his second attempt to run 365 marathons in 365 days.

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