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I’m A Competitor: Tim Dwight Tackles Endurance

"White Lightning" is transferring that electricity off the football field and into endurance events.

Despite Economy, Vermont City Marathon Thriving

Vermont's largest marathon is alive and well.

Running Doc: Are Women More Suited For Endurance Than Men?

The Running Doc explains why women might be better equipped for endurance events.

Ask The Experts: Which Supplements Do Runners Need?

Matt Fitzgerald explains which are most beneficial.

The Running Doc’s Recommendations For Runners With Diabetes

Remember that your training sessions are the time to practice what you will do on race day.

Those All-Or-Nothing East African Runners

Kamikaze African racing tactics help American marathoners excel.

Ask The Experts: How Do I Get Rid Of These Huge Biceps?

There’s a reason former football players don’t win marathons.

Energy Gels: The Good, The Bad And The Really Bad

Energy gels are essential for properly fueling during a marathon, but don't always taste great or settle well.

Rupp Not Thinking Marathon…Yet

He's not interested in the marathon right now.

The Barefoot Brahmin: Exclusive Interview With Christopher McDougall

The author of "Born to Run" sheds thoughts on his book, barefoot running and more.

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