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Video: RunCenter At The 2012 Boston Marathon, Friday

It's Friday before the world's oldest marathon and Toni Reavis is bringing you the latest from Boston!

Out There: Boston Or Bust!

Yes, I understand this is a humor column, but this is actually serious.

Video: Who Will Win The U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials?'s Mario Fraioli gives his pre-race predictions for the men's and women's races the day before the 2012 U.S. Olympic

Video: Fuel Your Fast, Part III

In this video senior producer Mario Fraioli explains how he recovers from a challenging marathon-paced workout.

Video: Fuel Your Fast, Part II

In the second of this three-part video series, join senior producer Mario Fraioli as he runs 8 miles at his goal marathon

Video: Fuel Your Fast, Part I

In the first of this three-part video series, senior producer Mario Fraioli discusses the importance of sound fueling

Fit, Feel And Ride: The 2011 Fall Running Shoe Review

Use this guide to hone in on the right pair of shoes for you!

Ask The Experts: Should I Wear Racing Flats For The Marathon?

Can they save you a few a seconds, or even minutes, on race day or will wearing them make you more susceptible to injury? Mario Fraioli

The Weekly Running Photo Fix

Check out a random collection of cool shots from the world of running!

This Week’s Running Photo Fix

Get your weekly fix in this fun photo gallery!

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