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Watch: 100-Year-Old Runner Sets World Record In 100m at Penn Relays

While Ida Wheeling finished last in the race, no one her age has ever run faster!

Over-40 Elites Still Mastering Their Domain

America’s best are finding fewer and fewer reasons to quit as they age.

The Case for High-Intensity Training for Older Runners

In order to reduce the decline in aerobic capacity with advancing age, training must be intense.

Fast After 40: Master Your Cross-Training

Incorporating cross-training into your weekly training schedule can indirectly improve your fitness and performance.

Fast After 40: Master Your Strength Training

Improve your strength, speed and explosiveness as you get older with these nine exercises.

Fast After 40: Master Your Stride

Preserving your stride as you age is the first line of defense against reduced performance.

Nutrition For The Older Runner

Your body changes through the years. Should your diet?

For Best Results, Train Your Age

The best way to train depends on your age and how old you are and how long you've been in the sport.

The Master of Boston: Interview With Reno Stirrat

This 60-year-old has quite a streak going—and he plans to continue it at this year's Boston Marathon.

Study: Late Starters Run Faster In Older Years

Is it really true that people who start running later in life are able to run faster when they’re older?

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