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Do’s And Don’ts For Masters Runners

Use this tried-and-true wisdom to make the most of your running after age 40.

Gebrselassie Shares Secrets Of His Success

It's all about discipline, commitment, and hard work.

Over-60 World Record For 10K Topples

A retiree clocked 5:16 miles for 6.2 miles.

Study: Older Runners Still Got It

A study finds that runners maintain their running economy despite losing speed as they age.

Masters Runners Training For U.S. Road Champs

The inaugural event takes place in Alexandria, Va. in November.

How To Run A 2:24 Marathon At The Age Of 46

The answer isn't complicated.

Age-Group Ace Sam Hirabayashi Dies At 84

He didn't take up racing until he was 70 years old.

Masters Running In Kenya

Older East Africans enjoy running to stay healthy.

Masters Champ Looking For Another Win In Houston

Her love of the sport gets her out the door.

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