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Video: Exercise Physiology 101

Learn about VO2 max, lactate threshold and more.

Video: Advice for First-Time Runners

What should a new runner be aware of when they're just getting started in the sport?

Video: An Introduction to Strength Training

Why even basic strength exercises should be added to your training—now.

Video: Tips on Improving Your Diet

Is your diet holding you back?

Cardiac-Related Issues in Running

Learn the warning signs to pay attention to as well as advice about when to seek medical attention—either as a checkup or for a diagnosis.

Overuse Injuries: What They Are, and How to Prevent Them

Acute traumatic injuries are one thing, but overuse injuries are a little bit harder to pinpoint.

Video: Running With Arthritis

How do you maintain an active lifestyle when you have arthritis?

Does My Meniscus Tear Need Surgery?

Many athletes end up suffering from a meniscus tear. But is surgery necessary?

Med Tent: How To Identify, Treat & Prevent Stress Fractures

Dr. Jordan Metzl gives you the scoop in this informative video.

Med Tent: How Do I Treat Back Pain?

Dr. Jordan Metzl explains which means of treatment are most effective.

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