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Med Tent: How To Heal A Hamstring Strain

In this video, learn how to identify the problem, treat the symptoms and prevent future instances of injury.

Med Tent: Identification, Treatment And Prevention Of Shin Splints

Dr. Jordan Metzl explains how to spot, treat and prevent one of the most common running-related injuries: shin splints.

Med Tent: How To Knock Out Shoulder Pain

Dr. Jordan Metzl identifies the different types of shoulder pain that tend to plague runners.

Med Tent: Runners, Protect Your Skin!

Dr. Jordan Metzl explains the importance of taking care of your skin when working out.

Med Tent: Why Are My Muscles Cramping?

Dr. Jordan Metzl explains why and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Med Tent: How To Choose The Right Running Shoe

Learn how choosing the right shoe can help lessen the likelihood of injury and enhance your running experience.

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