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Change Your Mindset To Improve Race Times

Be mindful of the deceptive paralysis that can take hold when you become intimidated by your increasingly faster paces.

Putting Pre-Race Nerves To Work

Instead of letting them bring you down, use your pre-race butterflies to your advantage.

Mental Tips: Put Your Race In Perspective

That nervous feeling in the days leading up to a race can be good, but it can also be detrimental.

3 Tips For Strategizing Your First Marathon

Easy to follow guidelines to help you to the line of your first marathon.

Coach Jenny’s Top-5 Tips for First-Time Marathoners

Coach Jenny Hadfield, author of "Marathoning For Mortals", gives her expert advice.

The Long Run: Winter Strength

Mental toughness is indispensable no matter what distances you run.

Coach Culpepper: Learn From The Olympians

Did you take notes during the Olympics? Here are a few things you might have learned.

Do Pre-Race Relations Improve Performance?

The benefits appear to be more psychological than physiological.

The Long Run: Push To Achieve A Personal Record

Setting a PR is never an easy task but it’s often more in your head than in your legs.

Video: Get Focused Before Your Race

One of the top 10,000 meters runners in the U.S., David Jankowski, discusses the importance of getting focused before a big race.

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