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Build Toughness With The Envelope Run

Try this workout to mix things up and help your race day performance.

If You Run Slow, Who Cares?

Being a "slow" runner is merely a state of mind. Don't let that affect your running.

Keys To Running With Mental Toughness

Use these five tips to improve your mental toughness as a runner.

Stop Your Mind From Wandering While Racing

Follow these tips to stay focused and avoid checking out mid-race.

7 Traits Of Mentally Tough Runners

How many of the seven key traits of mentally tough runners do you have?

Improving Your Focus To Run Faster

Success in running requires mental toughness, and that requires focus.

Mental Tips: Turn Off, Tune Up, Drop In

Follow these mantras to run better and faster.

The First 10 Steps To Becoming A Runner

Patience, the willingness to experiment, finding toughness, and heading outside are called for.

Video: Thinking Your Way Through A Tough Workout

In this video Lindsay Allen reveals how to mentally coach yourself through a tough workout when all you want to do is stop and call it a

The Boston Marathon Loses One Of Its Legends

He was one of the Boston Marathon's toughest competitors.

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