Are We Really Born To Run?

There is evidence that debunks the popular running theory, writes Thomas C. Michaud.

Is Barefoot Running The Best Way To Go?

New studies are casting doubt on the trend.

Barefoot Runner Takes Cops On Two-Hour Chase

He left wet footprints all over the place.

Barefoot Workouts Gaining Ground

Many fitness instructors have made the switch.

A Different Take On Recent Barefoot Running Article

The editor of Canadian Running raises some doubts.

Designer Debuts Recyclable Minimalist Running Shoe

It has five separate parts that can be replaced when need be.

Barefoot-Running Pitfalls Can Be Avoided

One newly minted minimalist shares his thoughts on the subject.

“Barefoot Forest Gump” Running To Alaska

He's planted seven million trees along the way.

Shoe Solutions: Case Study No. 1—Seeking Minimalism with Traction

The New Balance Trail Minimus passes one runner’s test. Written by: Matt Fitzgerald I tried to return to serious training too quickly

Author Shares Five Barefoot Running Tips

He is the co-founder of the Barefoot Running Club in Boulder, Colorado.

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