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Are We Built To Run Barefoot?

It depends on who you ask.

The Incredible Tale Of A Destitute Ultra Winner

He was the last to sign up and the first to cross the finish line.

Chris McDougall Launching “Naked Tour”

He will be traveling to 13 cities.

Beware of Counterfeit Vibram FiveFingers

One reporter got ripped off.

A Review Of The First Barefoot Running App

Merrell created the app to go with their new line of minimalist shoes.

Reporter Shares His Barefoot Running Skepticism

The Kenyans saw him in his Five Fingers and called him "crazy."

“Chi Running” Defined

Does your body have an energy flow and will it make you a better runner?

Is Barefoot Running Here To Stay?

With more and more runners are taking off their shoes, is this a trend that will last?

Between Bare Feet And Shoes: Footstickers

The new invention gives minimalist runners yet one more option for footwear.

Hundreds Of Barefoot Runners Race Through Mumbai

Apparently, the world's first barefoot marathon occurred over the weekend.

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