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Monday Minute: Active Hamstring Stretch

Increase your hamstring's range of motion with this excellent exercise.

Monday Minute: Calf Self Massage

This will work out the kinks in your calves...and also test your pain threshold.

Monday Minute: Half Kneel Cable Lift

Tim Crowley shows us how to strengthen your rotating core muscles and upper body muscles to make you a more resilient runner.

Monday Minute: Scapular Wall Slide

Increase shoulder strength and improve posture and running efficiency with this excellent exercise!

Monday Minute: Side T Reverse Fly

This exercise that will build core strength and get your glute medius firing, lessening the likelihood of injury.

Monday Minute: Slideboard Leg Curl

This excellent exercise for endurance athletes that stabilizes the hips, activates the glutes and engages the hamstrings.

Monday Minute: Single-Leg Dead Lift

This essential injury-prevention exercise for runners strengthens the hips, engages the hamstrings and gets the glutes firing.

Monday Minute: The Palloff Press

Forget pushups and situps, the Palloff Press will help you get stronger at your center of gravity.

Monday Minute: Self Myofascial Release

In this video learn how to loosen up your inner thigh area without having to see a massage therapist.

Monday Minute: Pushups For Runners

This excellent upper body exercise also improves core and scapular stability

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