Everything You Need To Know About Running In 14 Words

Build step by step. Push yourself, but not too hard. Learn. Keep it fun.

Out There: Their Pain, Our Gain

For many people, a fear of criticism keeps people from changing dreams to reality.

Mario Fraioli: Why I Run

We all started running for different reasons, even if it's not the same reason we run now.

12 Inspirational Running Quotes

These running quotes could provide the motivation you need.

The Everyman: Why I Run

Jason Devaney gives his reasons for why he chooses to head outside and run.

Are You Mature Enough To Run Well?

More than a strong body and motivation are needed to succeed.

The Penguin Chronicles: Running Is Good For The Soul

Running, writes John Bingham, brings out the best in us, whether we’re on a solo jog or a group run with 50 or more people.

Endurance Fatigue: Perception Is Everything

A fascinating study proves that fatigue in endurance is nothing more and nothing less than quitting.

Confidence: One Part Mental, One Part Physical

Your body knows what it can do. Confidence is its way of telling you.

Photos: 10 Reasons To Run A Race

Not the competitive type? You don't have to be! Learn why it's worth your while to fill out an entry blank.

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