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The Everyman: Why I Run

Jason Devaney gives his reasons for why he chooses to head outside and run.

Are You Mature Enough To Run Well?

More than a strong body and motivation are needed to succeed.

The Penguin Chronicles: Running Is Good For The Soul

Running, writes John Bingham, brings out the best in us, whether we’re on a solo jog or a group run with 50 or more people.

Endurance Fatigue: Perception Is Everything

A fascinating study proves that fatigue in endurance is nothing more and nothing less than quitting.

Confidence: One Part Mental, One Part Physical

Your body knows what it can do. Confidence is its way of telling you.

Photos: 10 Reasons To Run A Race

Not the competitive type? You don't have to be! Learn why it's worth your while to fill out an entry blank.

The Long Run: What Runners Can Learn From Running

Ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek shares the lessons he's learned through the years.

How You Can Benefit From A Bad Race

Today’s slow race can lead to next month’s fast one.

The Everyman: Reasons To Run

What gets you out the door and moving? Jason Devaney provides five reasons to head outside and run.

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